Weekend Spearfishing and Freediving Course.

Day 1 Saturday 8am start: Classroom session / shallow water training/ Depth Training 

Content: The Human Body in Water. Physiological and psychological aspects of breath holding, Safe Diving Practices, Freedive Equipment, Diet & Hydration, Breathing Exercises. 

In-water training: Stretching, breathing exercises, pre & post dive breathing, safety techniques, weighting, entry technique, equalisation, deep water techniques performed to your comfort levels concentrating on building up time spent at depth.

Equipment Required: Mask, snorkel, wetsuit, weight belt, booties & fins. What you need to bring: Drinking water and a packed lunch. 
Location - After some classroom work we will head to Lake Rotoma for some in water training 

Day 2 Sunday 8am start: Open Water Review/Spearfishing Practice
Location:  Weather permitting we will head out on the boat to a sheltered area.
Content: Preparation techniques (stretching & breathing), warm up dives, finning technique, buddy rescue, hunting techniques, an afternoon spearfishing session/deeper dives, debrief.

Equipment Required: Mask, snorkel, wetsuit, weight belt, booties & fins, speargun, float. Bring: Drinking water and a packed lunch.

Medical Form : Please complete the attached medical form and bring it with you on the first day of the course. Please read the form carefully if you have any medical conditions you may need a   Doctors sign of.

(Photo Credit: Dan Westerkamp www.danshootzphotography.com) 

Course Dates

Please contact us for dates


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