Chuuk Lagoon 21-29 May 2022

Chuuk Atoll, (also Known as Truk) in the Caroline Islands is infamous for its giant lagoon. The lagoon is the final resting place for more than 100 ships, planes and submarines. The majority of these wrecks are the legacy of a fierce World War II battle between the Imperial Japanese Fleet and Allied carrier planes resulting in the largest navel loss in history.

Cargoes of tanks, trucks, airplanes, mines, bombs, machine gun bullets and thousands of other artifacts including beautiful china are there still to be explored.

Nowhere else in the world are there so many wrecks in close proximity, situated in shallow clear water. The tropical waters and prolific marine life has transformed these wrecks into artificial reefs and beautiful coral gardens.

Our all inclusive package includes:
Return Flights ex Sydney
Return Airport Transfers 
Accommodation Twin share Room  
Dive Tanks and Weights  
14 Guided boat dives

Price indication : Prices expected to start from $3700 per person ex Sydney, $600 deposit required to secure your booking.
Pricing to be confirmed once airlines have released schedule. 

We highly recommend completing your wreck and deep specialty if you are joining us on this trip.

Contact us for more information or to reserve your spot.

Like to know more...

Check out this short video on the wrecks of Chuuk Lagoon


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