Dual 7 - 2 Piece




Dual is a classic two-piece suit at a good price, with a Farmer John and a jacket with an integrated hood. This is a combo for anyone who loves sporty and elegant wetsuits and wants to get in and out of them easily. 

Dual offers a pre-shaped anatomical cut, which makes it comfortable to get on and off, but that's not all. The shapes themselves have also been improved: the advantage is even better thermal insulation! 

The Farmer John has a comfortable inner plush lining with a handy front zipper, soft "Metal Skin" seals on the ankles, and knee pads to protect the knee area, which is one of the areas of the suit that suffers the roughest treatment. 

The jacket also has perfectly hermetic "Metal Skin" seals, which make it especially easy to put on. Zippers are superfluous because of the way the seals slide. The integrated hood closes perfectly around the face thanks to the "Metal Skin". Another big innovation is that both the Farmer John and the jacket feature elastic inserts in stretch neoprene at certain strategic points. This ensures that there are no limitations on the most important movements.

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