Rob Allen Tangaroa Carbone 120 Speargun

Rob Allen



The Tangaroa 1200 carbon became possible from the already impressive Caranx 120. This is a truly  awesome looking gun unique to NZ. You can't buy these anywhere else. The snake skin/scale pattern with blue and silver fuzzed together create a shimmering effect that will entice those kingi's for a closer look!

  • Light weight, high strength carbon barrel
  • Next generation Vector 2 handle with mechanism
  • Low Profile Closed muzzle
  • 1 x 20mm rubber
  • Fully Airbrushed barrel Stainless Steel Line Release
  • 7.0mm Double Notch Oil drenched carbon alloy spring spear 4″ Shark Clip High strength,
  • abrasion resistant black 180kg shooting line.

The Rob Allen Vecta Mechanism is moulded from PA6 30% GS glass filled Polyamide to handle the power needed to hunt large blue water fish.

External shrouds and an internal barrel spigot increase strength at the critical barrel/mechanism interface.
Apart from safety considerations, any flex in this area reduces accuracy. Internal webs at several places in the mechanism are designed to spread loading away from high stress areas

Comes standard with 1 x 20mm but can be requested with 2 x 14mm rubbers. 

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