Rob Allen Dorado 130 Carbon Speargun

Rob Allen



Comes standard with a 7.5mm shaft, black handle and 2 x 16mm black Rob Allen rubbers.   


  •  7.5mm Double nitched shaft engineered from ultra tough oil-quenched carbon alloy spring steel. Closed Muzzle with double 16mm Rob Allen Latex rubbers.
  • High Strength, abrasion resistant mono shooting line.
  • Stainless Steel Line Release.  
  • Integrated Reel Mounting Bracket.  
  • Equipped with the latest Vecta handle and mechanism. 
  • The entire handle and mechanism cassette is made of glass reinforced polyamide giving it unequaled strength. 


The join where the handle meets the barrel is critical as any weakness here can be a safety issue and any movement will drastically affect accuracy. 

The Rob Allen handle consists of a webbed internal spigot that is further reinforced by external shrouds totally eliminating any flex at this critical junction

The handle has an integrated reel bracket so the Rob Allen Vecta reel can be mounted without needing any screws and is shaped to prevent any chance of the shooting line catching when a reel is not fitted.

The Vecta grip is moulded of rubber and is held in place by two cheek plates to prevent twisting.  There is an extra strong through bolt fitted at the base of the handle for extra strength where the floatline will be attached and the Vecta handle comes with a swivel and shark clip already attached.

The sear is laser cut out of solid stainless steel and all pivot pins are made of stainless steel for strength under high loads.
Because the rail is actually extruded it adds huge stiffness and strength helping to make Rob Allen guns the most accurate in the world.

This gun is  fitted with the new Rob Allen Low-Profile Vecta muzzle.  The low-profile of this latest muzzle makes for extremely low drag through the water and the very clear sight pattern along the spear usually reserved for open-muzzle designs.  The muzzle accommodates two rubbers that are clipped into place preventing 'muzzle flip' when fired.  The shape of the muzzle guides the rubber in a straight line, parallel with the barrel and spear. Like the handle the Vecta muzzle is constructed of bomb proof glass reinforced polyamide and the critical muzzle-barrel interface consists of an extra long internal spigot with external shrouds. The muzzle hole attachment point has been shaped to accept an optional stainless steel shackle recommended when a reel has been fitted

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