Dual Adjustable 52X




The dual family of regulators is for those looking for performance and reliability at a competitive price. 

Dual Adjustable 1st stage
This 1st stage has been recognised for its reliability, light weight and excellent performance. It is a balanced diaphragm design with a scratch resistant pearl chrome finish. 
This 1st stage has 4 pre oriented low pressure ports , two of these are optimised with Dyanmic flow control (DFC) for consistent airflow at depth

The 52X first stage is equipped with Mares Auto Sealing Technology (AST) System,providing excellent protection against intrusion of water or unwanted matter, to keep the internal mechanism dry and free of obstruction. 

Dual Adjustable 2nd stage

This 2nd stage features the Mares Vortex Assisted design (VAD) which allows for dynamic airflow ensuring consistent natural breathing at any depth.  
The Dual Adjustable 2nd stage is also fitted with a system for adjusting cracking effort ( initial effort to start the flow of air) and is easy t grip even when wearing thick gloves. 

This 2nd stage is balanced using the Pneumatically Assisted Design (PAD) system to deliver easy and comfortable breathing in every situation. 

The Dual ADJ 2nd stage octopus is available with the same features. 

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