First Aid Courses

Our Comprehensive First Aid course covers everything that is required for Workplace First Aid.  Great for those with high risk workplaces that require a more practical, scenario based first aid course. This course is assessed to unit standards 6401, 6402 and 6400.

We wanted to bring our knowledge and experience of marine safety to first aid so that the course will be more relevant to people who spend a lot of time around the water.
We could even incorporate first aid training into a fun team building activity and include a try dive session in the pool! Ask us for more details. 

First Aid Refresher

Our First Aid refresher course keeps you up to date so you can stay current with Workplace First Aid. It is recommended that you refresh your first aid training every two years. If your certificate was issued more than 2 years and 3 months ago, you will need to complete a full course.

The course runs over one day starting at 8:30am finishing around 4:00pm and follows guidelines published by Worksafe NZ for workplace first aid.

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Knowing how and when to use emergency oxygen is a great skill to have and means you're ready to help others should the need arise. Taking an Emergency Oxygen Course lets you breathe easy knowing that you can recognize illnesses treatable with emergency oxygen, and are prepared to offer aid.

You must hold a current first aid certificate to enrol on this course. Scuba divers, free divers and anyone who is around divers - boat crew, lifeguards, etc. - will benefit from having this training.

The course runs over three hours starting at 09:00am finishing around 12:00pm and all material is provided.

Cancellation / Transfer Policy

Transfer of dates prior to 1 week before the course start date  - $50 transfer fee
Transfer within 1 week of course start date $100 transfer fee
This fee is applicable every time you transfer dates.
Once courses are booked and paid for there is no refund available.

Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

It is Dive Zone Taurangas policy that we require anyone undertaking training or registering with us for a trip to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19

We are taking this stance to not only protect our staff and customers but to do our bit in limiting the spread of the virus.

The long-term effects of Covid-19 and ‘long Covid’ on the respiratory system can pose a serious threat that can be detrimental to divers and while we respect other people’s decision, we do not wish to subject our staff and customers to any unnecessary risk.

If you enroll on a course, know that all our instructors and staff will be double vaccinated for both your and their safety and wellbeing.

We will require proof of vaccination from customers enrolled on courses and trips from 1 December 2021

We thank you for your support and custom during these challenging times.


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