Our Crew

We have a great team of passionate dive professionals with well over 10 000 dives  and close to 2000 certified students between us you are in good hands!


James our English Gentleman runs our tertiary programme. He has been diving for over 10 years and has spent the last 5 years as an instructor and in this time has certified over 300 students. As a marine Biologist he loves observing the marine life and seeing how they interact.   Fortunately for him his favorite local dive site the Rena on the Astrolabe Reef is teaming with marine life for him to enjoy. 


Kerry our Canadian Kiwi started diving in 1986! As a dive instructor and service technician Kerry has certified over 1000 students and has logged close to 3000 dives with a combined bottom time of over 58 days! Kerry manages our service department  and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with customers and students.  Kerry knows most brands of dive equipment inside out , if there is something he doesn't know he will find out. 


As a Graduate of our Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction, Zoe has found her true calling. An avid diver, free diver and spearo, Zoe lives and breathes ocean life and loves nothing more that to share her passion with others. Zoes favorite local dive site is Okaparu Reef due to its caves, swim throughs and teaming fish life which always makes for an exciting and adventurous dive.   


Sam joins the Dive Zone team following a few years traveling and diving around the world. Prior to returning home to NZ Sam was based in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

An experienced instructor with over 3000 dives under his belt , warm and friendly Sam is looking forward to introducing more divers to the amazing under water world and sharing what he loves best about diving which is, it doesn't mater how many times you have dived before there is always something new to experience and discover


As a recreational diver for nearly 20 years the lure of owning his own business attracted him to purchase Dive Zone Tauranga in October 2017. Tony loves the fact that no two dives are the same and is passionate about creating opportunities for  others, young and old to enjoy the underwater world and appreciate our beautiful oceans and coastlines. Although he would much rather be out diving and exploring the swim throughs at his favorite local dive site,  Okaparu Reef  you will usually find Tony in the shop or his office buried under a pile of paper work. 


Gloria has been diving since she was a teenager and has completed over 1200 dives all around the world.

After the completion of her degree in filmmaking, Gloria began to pursue a passion for shooting underwater video and photography and has worked as an instructor in dive centers in Honduras, Australia, Mexico and Croatia.

Gloria loves diving  Okaparu Reef specially when she can bring her underwater camera to photograph the amazing marine life.


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