Our Crew

We have a great team of passionate dive professionals with well over 10 000 dives  and close to 2000 certified students between us you are in good hands!


After completing in Diploma in Professional Scuba instruction Danny Joined the team in 2020 as our retail manager and dive instructor and is passionate about anything to do with the Ocean. 

When he is not diving he will be out catching waves and when he gets the chance he enjoys experimenting with some under water photography. 

Danny is always up for a yarn with our customers  and loves sending them of with what they need to have the best dive. 

His favorite local dive site ( which he named) is Gump's Forest Eastern Side of Motiti 


Courtney is our resident mother hen whose specialty is nurturing our young divers. As a mother herself her caring nature and perseverance  will win over even the most nervous of divers. Courtney is an absolute allrounder and as well as instructing for our children and school programmes, Courtney is also a qualified service technician and enjoys being involved in the service side of Dive Zone Tauranga. 

Courtney's favorite dive is The Taioma.


Jarrod has a passion for the Ocean and the knowledge to back it up! 

He loves sharing his passion with the ocean with everyone he meets.

When the swell is to much for diving you will find Jarrod out catching the waves 

Jarrod's favorite Dive site is Snapper Rock at Mayor island , because of the underwater forest and the vast biodiversity the site holds. 

His favorite thing about being an instructor is seeing people overcome their fears and gets satisfaction from seeing people challenge themselves and come out the other side excited to discover their new underworld world. 


Giselle  started diving when she was 15  graduated from the Diploma in Professional Scuba instruction programme in 2019 and now shares her knowledge with her own class of Diploma Students.    

As an instructor Giselle loves to see other people light up with excitement when they see something cool underwater. It makes her feel real good to pass that excitement and passion on to others.

Giselles favorite local dive site is the Mau Mau arch at Mayor Island 


Ethan graduated from our Diploma Programme Mid 2020 and is now passing on his skills to his own class of Diploma on Professional Scuba  instruction students. Ethan has a very calm and motivating style and will takes the time with all of his divers to ensure they are comfortable in the water.

Ethan is still looking for his favorite dive site and welcomes you to come and help him find it. 


Kane started diving in 2012 and completed his Diploma in Professional Scuba instruction in Christchurch and has completed well over 500 dives.

Kane  moved to the Tauranga  to further his passion for the ocean he is currently studying Marine Biology at Waikato Uni and is enjoying diving in warmer waters and works with us in weekends.

His favourite local dive site is Okaparu reef and as a dive instructor he loves the opportunity to show people a whole new world that they may not have known about before they could scuba dive.


James our English Gentleman is our PADI Course Director and runs our tertiary programme. He has been diving for over 17 years and has spent the last 5 years as an instructor at Dive Zone Tauranga and has certified over 600 students. 

As a marine Biologist he loves observing the marine life and seeing how they interact.

Fortunately for him his favourite local dive site the Rena on the Astrolabe Reef is teaming with marine life for him to enjoy. 


Skipper Dave is a sea dog who has been around boats and the ocean all his life,  a sail maker and yacht rigger by trade , he is now living the dream as our Skipper and Boat Manager. 

You are in safe hands when out of the boat with Dave and he has a knack for finding sheltered dive sites and is pretty good at whipping up a warm brew for you to  enjoy after your dive.

Daves Favourite local dive site is Rook wall out at Mayor Island because of the varied topography, array of fish life and soft corals. 


Kerry our Canadian Kiwi started diving in 1986! As a dive instructor and service technician Kerry has certified over 1000 students and has logged close to 3000 dives with a combined bottom time of over 58 days!

Kerry manages our service department  and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with customers and students.  

Kerry knows most brands of dive equipment inside out , if there is something he doesn't know he will find out. 


As a recreational diver for nearly 20 years the lure of owning his own business attracted him to purchase Dive Zone Tauranga in October 2017. Tony loves the fact that no two dives are the same and is passionate about creating opportunities for  others, young and old to enjoy the underwater world and appreciate our beautiful oceans and coastlines. 

Although he would much rather be out diving and exploring the swim throughs at his favorite local dive site,  Okaparu Reef  you will usually find Tony in the shop or his office buried under a pile of paper work. 


Liz started diving in 2003 after completing her Open Water course in the Red Sea, how ever family and work commitments put a stop to Liz’s diving for many years and now that she owns a dive shop she still doesn’t get to dive much.

Liz loves the chance to get out to Mayor Island occasionally and her favourite local dive is The Taioma, but her absolute favourite is tropical diving.

With a background in management and marketing you will usually find Liz behind the scenes, although occasionally we let her out to serve in the shop. 


Covid – Covi for short, joined the team after the 2020 lock down, he is our staff and student wellbeing dog and is always ready to give anyone a cuddle or distract them with a game of fetch or tug of war.  

When he is not "at work" his favorite pass time is chasing the ball and swimming at Papamoa beach, he is also an expert at digging up his backyard at home! 


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