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Pay It forward
Help us to help others

We need your help so we can help our wider community 

Every year at Dive Zone Tauranga we provide over 300 primary and intermediate school aged children with deep water survival sessions in our indoor heated dive pool. We also provide Open Water dive courses to around 150 secondary school students, and train up to 400 people a year in entry level dive courses.

For all of these courses our dive pool is an integral part of this experience, be it gaining confidence in deep water for our young tamariki, or learning to scuba dive and taking their first breath underwater. 

So many people have a connection with Dive Zone and our dive pool for this reason.

As you may know, our lease is up on our existing site on Cameron Rd and we are excited about the move to our new premises at Cross Road, Sulphur Point.  Fortunately this site has an existing dive pool, however the costs for the remedial work to make this pool functionable are sky-rocketing . This on top of the worst summer in recent memory, weather wise, means we need to raise some capital so that we can extend the pool and continue to offer these programs for our community.

This is how you can help us with our pay it forward campaign.

We need your help now so we can help our wider community in the future – Pay or contribute an amount towards an open water course, and we will gift it to one of our charity partners or a charity / organisation of your choice.

You will help us, and in turn we will help someone from our local community, and give them the opportunity to experience and enjoy the underwater world just like we do, and introduce them to something that has the potential to provide a significant positive impact on their life.

We have partnered with local schools and the Graeme Dingle Foundation, as we value the work they do with local youth, and the benefits of scuba diving align with the purpose of their programmes. Or you may wish to purchase a course to gift to an organisation of your choice. Your gift could be passed on to a recipient of their choice or used as a raffle / auction item.

 The Graeme Dingle Foundation Western Bay of Plenty
Offer programmes that empower young people to build resilience, overcome life's obstacles and thrive. These programmes are proven to improve attitudes and behaviour, improve academic results, help young people set and achieve goals, boost self-confidence, reduce truancy rates and at risk behaviours such as substance abuse. Through these community-focused, life changing, role modelling and mentoring programmes, our young people develop life skills and confidence – empowered to find their purpose and direction in life.

Big Buddy
Big Buddy is all about building confidence and resilience in the lives of boys whose father is not around. We do this by matching volunteers, good guys from the community with boys aged between 7 and 14 years. They simply spend time together, a few hours a week. The Big Buddy relationship offers friendship, support and a good male role model to look up to.

Local high school students. We already work with many local high schools and we know what a positive impact learning to dive has on the youth we train. Unfortunately for some students, although it is included in the curriculum and the students can get NCEA credits for the course, the cost makes it inaccessible for some families. We will work with schools to identify students who will value and benefit from this experience. 

How it will work?

Simply complete the gift purchase form below and select the amount of open water courses or $ amount to gift.  We will generate a gift voucher for the organisation you have selected to gift to a worthy recipient.

Recognition of your gift

 As part of this campaign we will have signage up on the new pool recognising our supporters (if they wish) recognising that this is the pool that the local dive community built, this will be around for years to come and something we can all treasure and value.

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Thank you for your support!

Please make payment into our Pay it Forward bank account .Use gifters names as reference, or use  the send invoice option in the form above .

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