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Reactivate/Refresher Dive

The PADI Reactivate programme starts with a brief refresher session via elearning  to see if you remember how to best handle each situation. ReActivate monitors your responses and moves on when you're spot on, or delivers more detailed information if you weren't quite right.

The Fun Part
Once the elearning is complete it is time to book a session with a Dive Zone PADI Certified professional to revisit & practice the fundamental skills  in our pool. 

What You Will Get 
Upon completion of the pool session and the elearning you will receive a certificate of completion plus a PADI ReActivate Card.  

The Scuba Gear You Use
You use all the basic scuba gear, whether it be your own or ours.  
To take a ReActivate course, you must provide evidence of your scuba certification.


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