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Leisure and Rabbit Islands

Leisure Island

Off the Mount Maunganui main beach Leisure island offers us a fantastic shore dive when the swell permits. 
There are so many friendly fish and other marine species on this island  including resident rays and octopus that have become accustomed to our divers.

Considering how close to the town it is and how shallow the site is you wouldn’t expect it to be teaming with life as much as it is.  Follow the rock wall along and be careful for the fishermen and you’re sure to see the treasure leisure island holds. 

Rabbit Island

A little further out is the local gem of Rabbit island. This is a local hunting ground for Kingies often seen feeding on bait balls. Rabbit island is also home to the Sea Ranger wreck which was originally damaged at Mayor Island and was salvaged and repaired. On its maiden voyage it again hit rocks at Rabbit Island where she now rests.


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