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Motiti Island

Motiti Island

Motiti Island is a local favourite of ours here at Dive Zone Tauranga. It is the home to some beautiful dive sites and has a vast biodiversity  below in its depths.

Motiti Island sits 10 miles offshore on the north-eastern side of Tauranga. Its sub-tropical climate allows Motiti Island to flourish with life both above and below the surface. Some species you might find below the surface include, Two-spotted Demoiselles, Blue Mao Mao, Kelp fish, Marble fish, Jack makrel, King fish, Nudibranchs and Anemones that light up as soon as you shine a flashlight on them!

One of our favourite dive sites at Motiti Island is called Motukaha Island, which has huge caverns and gullies that you can explore endlessly until you reach an arch way that beams with light. Another favourite is the wreck of the Taioma sitting at 27 meters it is full of life and colour and Packhorse Crayfish are often seen base of the stern. Previously known as the SS Empire Jane it  has an esteemed history and was thought to be used during World War one during the Normandy landings. No matter where you end up at Motiti Island your bound to experience the rich history the island has to offer and discover something new that’s bound to change your perception of our underwater world. 


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