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Dive Holidays

Dive Holidays

Our aim with our dive holidays is to create opportunities for diving that are a little bit special that go beyond everyday, that are fun, welcoming and offer exceptional dive experiences. 

We work closely with our international and local travel partners to select hand picked destinations which we know will deliver quality and value for money dive holiday experiences with safe and reputable dive operators. 

Whilst diving is the focus of these trips, each trip also offers plenty of relaxation and social time and opportunities to take in the surrounds. Dive holidays are an excellent way to improve on your dive skills and confidence while visiting amazing locations and having a lot of fun!

These trips cater to singles, couples and divers of all ages and experience , some destinations are even suitable to bring the whole family along.  

If you are wanting to go on a diving holiday but the dates, or locations below don't suit, we can arrange individual trips to dive destinations around the world through our international travel partners.

Payment plans are available for all holidays with no additional fees or interest charges.


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