Mayor Island

Mayor Island offers numerous awesome dive sites both inside and outside of the marine reserve located at the northern quarter of the island.  The reserve was established in 1993 and boasts a huge variety of fish and sea creatures that makes this a stunning dive.

Tuhua Reef is always a favourite, where you can catch a cray or two and get amongst the huge schools of trevalli and kingfish.  Regardless of whether you enjoy photography, hunting or just having a look, there is something for everyone.

All participants must be certified to a minimum level of PADI Open Water Diver (or equivalent).  

Use of your own wetsuit, BCD &/or regulators is subject to a safety inspection prior to departure.  If you would like to use your own BCD, you must be equipped with a visual signalling device (safety sausage or similar), an audible signalling device (whistle) & a dive knife or line cutting tool.  Your BCD/regs must also contain an alternate air source (octi).
We reserve the right to refuse use of any equipment that does not meet our inspection standards in the interest of your safety.


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