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Okaparu Reef

Okaparu Reef

A favorite dive site of the Dive Zone crew, Okaparu reef is a fully submerged, rocky garden covering five acres.  The upper surface is about five metres below the water with the slopes of the rocks falling away to either side. Okaparu is also subject to the surging of the seas around it however, the currents are not as strong as those at Astrolabe. The highlight of this dive is the swim through at 23 meters, as such, any Open Water divers who wish to dive the swim through must do so in conjunction with a PADI Deep Adventure Dive (which will contribute to their Advanced Open Water certification)..  The area is an explorer’s wonderland of valleys and rocky crags, busy with interesting sea life and full of colour. 

View the video below for a sneak preview of what to expect on your dive at Okaparu Reef. 


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