Rob Allen Moocher 110 Spaergun

Rob Allen


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The Moocher Carbon Barrel is twice as strong as previous carbon barrels, it's individually air brushed in a custom 2 tone green camo designed for ultimate stealth. The perfect mixture of lights and dark greens for the NZ environment. Comes fitted with the 2 x 14mm green Rob Allen Rubbers,
7mm shaft, Green handle, bungee and 180kg single wrap of mono.
It’s so accurate, it’s almost unfair!   

Light weight, high strength carbon wrapped barrel
Next generation Vector 2 handle Low-profile closed muzzle.
Green Grip. Stainless Steel Line Release. Double Notch Oil drenched carbon alloy spring spear. 4″ Shark Clip. High strength, abrasion resistant 180kg shooting line.  All load bearing pivot pins as well as the sear are manufactured from solid stainless steel. The rubber overgrip is clamped in place by the cheekplates to prevent twist on firing. The spring loaded line release cam returns to position after firing for ease of loading

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