Mares HYDRO Torpedo Buoy




The Hydro Torpedo buoy is the first buoy with a hydrodynamic line. This line guarantees good visibility for all freedivers in the water, thanks to the flag. Safety in the water is essential, especially during freediving excursions near possible boaters.The Hydro Torpedo freediving buoy has stainless steel D-rings with an optimized towing point, to increase sliding on the water.

The key features of the Hydro Torpedo buoy are:•

   - Buoy with sturdy outer lining

   - 500d orange PVC providing great strength, visibility and a smooth surface for ease of movement

  -Equipped with 20 meters of floating line and nylon carabiner

  - Nylon D-ring and 18.5 cm x sub flag 18.5 cm

SKU: 10000-46

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